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Q More to Come
A This section will be updated gradually.

Q Do your pos terminals come with POS software preinstalled?
A We usually only supply hardware platforms with preinstalled OS (Windows XP, Linux, WEPOS, etc.). 
It is highly recommended that you get the POS software which suits your needs locally (mainly due to language and currency).

Q Run PRP Series - LAN Interface on Win 7
  • Plug the supplied LAN Cable (blue cable) to the Host PC.NOTE: DO NOT connect to your HOST PC via HUB.Connect to your Host PC ONLY with the Supplied LAN Cable.
  • Click [Start] > [Control Panel] and double-click [Network] to access the Network Configuration.
  • Select and click mouse button to access “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)”
  • The Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Propriety Setting:
  • Select “Use the Following Address” and enter the IP address for Printer. Click “Ok” to complete the setting. (use the utility to find out the IP adress for the printer)
  • Access Ethernet Test Program. Click “Connect Test” to start test. As the program response “Succeed”, you can start re-configure your IP address of your Printer.
  • Access “Printer” and to setup the Printer port.
  • Select “Standard TCP/IP Port” to add IP address.
  • Click “Next” to start configuration.
  • Enter the reserved IP Address and the name of your Printer.
  • You may configure the IP address manually by clicking customized [C] and setup [E].
  • Enter the name and IP address reserved for your printer. Select “Raw” of the protocol and click “OK” to complete the setup.
(Install Driver or INF afterwards)

Q Run PRP Series - Serial / Parallel on Windows 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / Win7
  • Download the driver through Service&Support - Download section
  • Unzip it and find the PRPDRVEN V8.exe file in the Win2000_XP_Vista_7_x32&x64 folder
  • run the exe file and follow the prompts to successfully install the software

Q Run PRP188/250/300 Series - using USB port on Windows
  • Download driver
  • Connect your printer to your PC
  • Look for PRP188_250 Printer_USB_COM folder in the driver zip file
  • Find Win2000_XP_Vista_7_x32x64 folder in the zip file and install the .exe file inside

Q How to configure the IP address to my PRP-250 Printer
A When connecting the printer to the Host PC, you can:
  • Perform Self-test to acquire the IP address of your printer
    • Turn off the printer.
    • Press and hold the Paper Feed Button.
    • Turn on the Power Switch of the printer.
    • Release the Paper Feed Button.
    The Indicators would blink and then the printer starts printing out the self-test data, IP address is included as well.
  • Use the supplied Ethernet crossover cable and connect to your Host PC.
  • Access the control panel of your Host PC. Change the IP address of your Host PC under the same subnet to your PRP-250. e.g.: Printer:
  • Now you can open the web browser and type the IP address of your PRP-250 (as listed in the self-test paper). There is a web-based configuration menu to re-configure your PRP-250.